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Nicky, as smart as you!
Nicky, as smart as you!

Each person has their own “soulmate”, or should we say “soulpaper”, the solution to our every need, or a product that denotes our personality.
You might feel especially creative, or sustainability could just be your thing; or maybe, you see your couch just as a piece of furniture and not as a relax companion, as you’re always fixing things around the house, unleashing your “DIY-spirit” in your own garage.

While going about their day, any of these people hope they can find someone or something that shares their interests, efforts, and why not?, some big or little misadventures.
What if the Nicky products were the solution? That’s right, finding the right paper for you may be easier than expected, whether you’re a lively girl or you’re taking care of some hyperactive kids.

Amidst a thousand projects, countless passions, and the desire to constantly explore new hobbies, Andrew has found in Nicky a fundamental ally to nurture his interests.
It’s Andrew himself, accompanied by his son, who is the protagonist of a story filled with craftsmanship, fun, and… some amusing surprises. Andrew, a truly multitasking individual, at the beginning of the story is still unaware that there is a multitasking companion like him.
He will discover in Nicky Unlimited his kindred spirit!

Discover his story and don’t miss the adventures of all the “smart protagonists” of Nicky!

Find out the other stories

Paul is a young man with many passions, one above all: gardening and botany! His love for nature is a true and profound one that occupies a significant portion of his free time and… his home.
Passionate, caring, but also a great lover of sustainability, Paolo treats his green friends with utmost care, but there are those who hold green values just like him.

Naturally, it’s Elite who is his soulmate: what a wonderful discovery!

Do you know people like Grandma Emily?
She fully embodies the style and qualities of Nicky Lemon, the ideal ally for those who always find the right solution for every situation.
From preparing elaborate recipes to searching for old but effective remedies for various problems, Grandma Emily is the main character of a story in which imagination takes center stage.
At the beginning, in every activity carried out by Grandma Emily, lemon is an inseparable element, and then she will meet Nicky Lemon, her soulmate.

Watch the story of Grandma Emily, follow all her smart activities in the company of Nicky.

Do you know anyone like Luca? He is the right person to describe the many possibilities of Nicky Unlimited, the most trusted ally for people who just don’t know the meaning of the words “idle hands”. While tackling many different house cleaning tasks, Luca becomes the main character of a story where versatility is of essence. At first, he’s so busy that he can’t even ask for help, but then, he meets Nicky Unlimited, his soulmate.

Follow Luca’s story and don’t miss Nicky’s next “smart protagonists”!

Linda’s example shows that Nicky can be the perfect solution for whoever’s looking for an efficient partner in their everyday adventures. Together with her lovely daughter, she’s the leading character of a “green-tinged” story.
Linda is a supporter of sustainability, but when this story begins, she doesn’t know yet that there is a paper as sustainable as she is. She’ll find her soulmate in Nicky Nature.

Giulia becomes the main character of her short story while she’s putting her cooking skills to work. As she deals with many recipes, she doesn’t know yet that there is a paper as creative as she is.
However, soon she’ll meet Nicky Lemon, the perfect solution for someone who has creativity running through their veins, just like her.
Follow Giulia’s story and don’t miss Nicky’s next “smart protagonists”!

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