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5 ways to make your bathroom more elegant
5 ways to make your bathroom more elegant

Oftentimes, bathrooms fade in the background when it comes to decorating your home. There is no discernible reason, but we usually underestimate what this room can offer us in terms of style and elegance. Bathrooms mean relax, well-being and leisure.

For instance, how many times have you made up for the lack of books or magazines by reading the labels of shower gels and shampoos? There’s no denying it: you might not remember when your wife’s birthday is, but you sure remember where your intimate soap was produced!

That’s why your bathroom’s interior design is instrumental to your own relaxing moments. Moreover, the latest design trends make it a unique, almost revolutionary room! Usually, most of the rooms are ruled by minimalism, neutral colours and black & white, but bathrooms can show some original, unusual elements, and even a vintage touch.

An example? Imagine designer cabinets or simple yet charming classic radios (when available). Listening to music and “collecting” creams and beauty products is a must if you want to live your bathroom to the fullest.

Tiles deserve some attention, too. In case you’re thinking of laying down some new ones, you’ll find you have a wide choice of shapes, materials, and colours to choose from. If not, don’t underestimate specific paint and decorative stickers.

Here’s a tip: pay attention to detail!

Joining beauty and functionality, matching accessories, choosing colours we won’t get tired of after some time; each conversation about our bathrooms deserves attention as it also involves our senses, so to speak.

Empty space in a room is also a vital factor when choosing decorations. If you have a big family, a double sink might be just the thing for you, as it is both luxurious and efficient.

Mirrors are also very important: there’s no bathroom without a mirror, especially for those who just can’t say no to the sacred “make-up moment”.

Back to small stylistic revolutions: what would a hypothetical top 5 “things to bear in mind to make your bathroom really beautiful” list include?

Grab a pen: here are our tips.

  1. Accessorize

It is possible to make your bathroom more elegant without going broke, all you need is some taste and a lot of creativity. Choose soft and useful rugs or stylish designer cabinets or designer towel stands.

Remember: picking the right curtains is just as important (covering, but without overdoing it), and fold towels and bathrobes, as this will give the room a touch of elegance and tidiness.

  1. Choose the right fragrance

The sense of smell needs to be appeased too, and choosing the right perfume is fundamental, if you wish to add value to your bathroom. Marine and floral fragrances are the most widespread, as they can convey a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

If, on the other hand, you prefer breathing in vitality and positivity, you might go for vanilla and rosescented fragrances.

Picking the right toilet paper can be a welcome surprise for guests and flatmates, when looking for a delicate, pleasant fragrance that can match that elegance you’re longing for. What if not Nicky Elite? This 4-ply toilet paper is suitable for the whole family and sports an elegant embossed pattern, providing softness and high absorbency.

  1. Don’t forget about lighting

It’s possible to set the right mood for the elegance “fanatics” with a few, little touches. An efficient solution? Putting some LED lights in strategic spots to highlight some corners, such as behind the mirror or next to shelves.

Your grandma finally gave you permission to take that vintage chandelier you liked so much? Keep that in mind, it might be just the right object!

  1. Create some amazing spots

Suggestive elements and keepsakes from an exotic trip: sometimes details can make a difference. A few trays with an unusual pattern, glass vials spreading a nice perfume, or even vases and candles: unleash your imagination and become home stager for a day!

  1. Green, green, green!

Are you a houseplants enthusiast? Your bathroom can get livelier and more elegant thanks to a “green friend”, if you can pick the right one, i.e. a plant that thrives in dim lights and high humidity, such as aloe veras, orchids, asparagus ferns, or begonias.

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