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Lemon: alternative uses
Lemon: alternative uses

Everyone knows that lemons are the king of the kitchen, the main ingredient in many sweet or savoury recipes. While we can make a delicious cream with its juice, its zest can give pasta dishes or fish an extra touch of flavour, as many talent show chefs like to repeat.

Whether cooking or not, in short, the lemon is always there. It is there when we have a stomach ache and ask our grandmother for a ‘magic potion’ to solve it. It is there when we are looking for an air freshener for our car. It is there during the most traditional of weddings when, between courses, the famous sorbet appears at the table.

Maybe that’s why every time we talk about lemons, it brings back so many memories, like that part of the Mediterranean road we took on holiday alongside those terraces of lemon trees or, more simply, like that day at the supermarket when we first saw Nicky Lemon on the shelves!

We can say this without hesitation: the lemon is around in our lives more often than the absent-minded boyfriend/girlfriend (at least it is present…).

Yet there are things we (perhaps) still need to learn about the lemons. And that’s where our Nicky Lemon family comes in: our tips for alternative uses of the world’s best-loved yellow fruit.

Lemon for house cleaning: who would have thought?

Lemon is known as a cure-all for body care, but many people don’t know that it can also be ‘Mr Helpful’ in the kitchen and is an incredible ally for your daily chores. Thanks to its degreasing properties, your hob and oven will shine like never before. Simply mix water, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, apply the mixture to the surface to be cleaned with a cloth and rinse off after a while with warm water.

It is also great in the kitchen for cleaning the refrigerator. In addition to eliminating odours, it has another ‘superpower’: it removes stains. Wipe its walls with a cloth soaked in warm water and lemon juice for a whiteness you’ve long forgotten about, and voila!

Moving from room to room, bedroom or bathroom, lemon is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the most common chemical products for cleaning glass or mirrors. By mixing half a litre of water with the filtered juice of two lemons, you get a natural cleaner for spraying onto surfaces.

Disinfects and sanitises: the lemon is there to clean the bathroom!

Cleaning the bathroom is a delicate matter, and it is the part of the house that needs to be disinfected in the best possible way. For the toilet, simply apply lemon juice (possibly even with a dash of salt) all over the surface, then rub it with the inside of the fruit.

Even faucets and shower panels can regain their former shine: lemon juice will remove even the most stubborn limescale stains if used correctly. Finally, do you have white clothes that aren’t really white? Add lemon to the detergent and fabric softener poured into the drum. The result is guaranteed!

Did you find our tips useful? Experience the many benefits of lemons at home. The possibilities are more extensive than you can imagine![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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