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Introducing Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh
Introducing Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh

If you’ve always loved our most luxurious toilet tissue, Elite, then you’ll be excited to hear about our brand-new Nick Elite Coconut Fresh hitting the supermarket shelves this year.

With our latest offering you’ll get the classic Elite quality tissue paper, embossed with a bespoke design that you have come to love, but we’ve enriched this with coconut for additional comfort to the skin.

Adding new Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh to your bathroom, you’ll be instantly transported to a tropical island as the fresh scent fills the air.

Perfect for everyday use and suitable for all skin types, the whole family will enjoy both the soft touch and added freshness it brings.

As part of our sustainability pledge, we continue to work to minimise the environmental impact our products have. Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh packaging is made with 30% recycled plastic and what’s more, is that money from every pack sold is donated to the Woodland Trust to help create, protect, and restore beautiful woodland across the UK.

Stockists are to be announced very soon so keep your eyes peeled on our website and Facebook page to make sure you are one of the first to grab this latest addition to the Nicky toilet range.

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