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Do you know the beneficial effects of lemons?
Do you know the beneficial effects of lemons?

February is one of the most complicated months of the year; the Christmas holidays are just a memory and summer is a mirage on the horizon. The winter cold does not help with everyday activities, either at home or at work, when taking a trip we often prefer a warm plaid or a cosy hot chocolate.

And, for the laziest among us, the cold is an excuse for avoiding “social duties” and carving out some time to watch your favourite show. And yet, there are those who cannot wait to bask in the most timid of the sun’s rays, with their mood and spirits affected by the low temperatures. 

For all these people, for everyone who has been suffering from weather-related ailments, finding a cure to the winter blues is not easy. Yes, honestly: you’ve tried them all! You started that online cooking course (even though you don’t know the difference between a pepper and a courgette), you joined a gym (even though you can’t tell an abdominal muscle from a dorsal), you decided to buy your brother a jigsaw puzzle so that you could spend more time together (…you do realise that he moved out several years ago?!). 

And yet there is something that you haven’t tried yet, something within easy reach, in the truest sense of the word: lemons.

The everyday fruit that is full of surprises 

Everything (or almost everything) has been said about the lemon. It’s disinfectant, thirst quenching and refreshing properties are recognised in every corner of the globe. Even we have sung its praises, and how could we not since it constitutes the aroma of the soul of our Nicky Limone kitchen roll? 

First of all, lemons make you more attractive. Yes, you heard! Lemon juice is a natural teeth whitener, regularly brushing your teeth with lemon juice makes them more brilliant. From mouth to head: lemon juice is also effective against hair loss, by rubbing a mixture of olive oil and lemon on the scalp you can strengthen it in a simple, natural way. In addition, lemon can be used to prepare excellent acne and soothing face masks, or masks to give your hair more shine. 

But the properties and benefits of lemons are not limited to aesthetics. The citric acid contained in lemon juice helps to maximise the efficacy of enzymes, aiding the liver. Did you go over the top last weekend when you ate out with your friends? No worries!  Lemon, among its many other properties, aids digestion and reduces constipation when combined with water. 

Smile, you can use lemon!

A healthy mind is a healthy body. No sentence that expresses the beneficial effects of lemon more than this. As a source of vitamin C, this fruit is important for putting you in a good mood and for your general wellbeing. Just drinking a glass of water and lemon in the morning is enough to make you full of energy! And what’s more, thanks to its antioxidant properties, it can help reduce stress

And then, how can we not consider the properties of its yellow zest? Surrounding yourself with lemons is a kind of aromatherapy session! Yellow helps concentration, instils positivity, joy, and protection. In short, lemons can’t perform miracles, but they can certainly help you face life with a dose of optimism.

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