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Nicky with Woodland Trust for reforestation
Nicky with Woodland Trust for reforestation

Since 2013, Nicky and Sofidel have been actively helping the Woodland Trust to restore the native forests of the United Kingdom. It’s a collaboration that has been going on for over 10 years, aimed at helping the charity to rebuild the native forests of the United Kingdom, one of the least forested places in Europe (13%), by planting over 260,000 trees.

The collaboration born with Woodland Trust certifies Nicky’s passion for the environment. The paper used in all products comes from responsibly managed forests, but that’s not enough. That’s why, for every package sold, part of the proceeds is donated to Woodland Trust, to help create, protect and restore more beautiful forests throughout the United Kingdom.

Here are the projects supported with woodland trust.

Plant a Grove at Heartwood Forest, England

The award winning Heartwood Forest is the biggest woodland creation site in England, covering over 850 acres. It will be home to 600,000 new trees, miles of footpaths and bridleways, wildflower meadows and open spaces. Every single tree will be planted by a volunteer.

Plant a Grove at Lang Craigs, Scotland

Named after the rocky outcrop which dominates the skyline above Dumbarton, Lang Craigs is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). It’s home to 600 acres of sheltered glen, rolling hills and rugged moorland. The site was purchased by the Woodland Trust Scotland in 2011. The final tree has now been planted, achieving a total of over 260,000 new native trees in the ground – over 10,000 of the trees, including oak, birch and Scots pine, were planted by the local community and school children, creating new native woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people.

We inspire communities, church groups, social groups and schools to come together and appreciate the outdoors and to learn more about woods and wildlife. We’ve helped school children and community groups plant nearly 50,000 trees through the Woodland Trust’s unique school and community tree pack scheme.

We support local land owners in planting tens of thousand’s of trees through the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods scheme. Woodland is one of our richest habitats. Planting more woods and trees, particularly next to existing ancient woodland, will help create more spaces for wildlife and support their conservation.

To find out more about our activities organized by the Woodland Trust and how you could take part in a tree planting event please visit

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